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Homeopathy or homoeopathy is an alternative system of medicine. The term derives from the Greek homoios (similar) and pathos (suffering). The underlying concept of homeopathy is "like cures like" and is based on "the principle of similars", which means that substances known to cause particular symptoms can also, in sub-physiological doses, help to cure diseases that cause similar symptoms. Homoeopathy is a well developed medical science and is making commendable progress. It is based on the same laws that were founded over two hundred years back by Hahnemann, its medicines are as effective as they were two hundred years back and the present day scientists doing research work based on modern day technology have found that the fields of nanophysics, nuclear magnetic resonance, memory of water and chaos theory are only catching up with Homeopathy, now. Some principles of homeopathy have been utilized in various forms, in various medical systems for thousands of years in many diverse cultures, but they were first methodically set out by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), who observed that a medicine sometimes evoked symptoms similar to those of the illness for which it could be then be prescribed for a cure. Related maxims such as the "Law of similars" are common in anthropological literature.

Every person has a natural healing process (vis medicatrix naturae), with the power to promote healing and/or maintain good health (homeostasis). In this theory, the symptoms of a disease, reflect efforts of the natural healing process (vis medicatrix naturae) to counter infection, or to resist damage from environmental toxins or from various stresses. Homeopathic treatment attempts to strengthen this "vis medicatrix naturae" with the help of remedies, which are extremely small doses of drugs diluted and vigorously shaken ("succussed") in water or ethanol and dispensed in pills or liquid form. They are chosen for their ability (in large doses) to provoke the very symptoms that the remedy is intended to heal (and thereby for their ability to stimulate natural healing). Homeopaths believe that this "vis medicatrix naturae" is akin to what physiologists would call the body's "defense systems".

"Classical homeopathy" or "Hahnemannian homeopathy" refers to the original principles of this medical system in which a single remedy is chosen according to the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms that the sick individual is experiencing rather than only the diagnosis of a disease. "Commercial" or "user-friendly" homeopathy refers to the use of a mixture of remedies in a single formula containing individual ingredients that are generally chosen by the manufacturer for treating specific ailments. We practice both, depending on the problem.

Homeopathy stimulates the natural healing processes of the body with the help of very minute quantities (i.e. in sub-physiological doses) of a remedy to bring about a natural remission of disease. Homeopathy is concerned only with a sub-physiological response, after which the body reacts and heals itself (even in diseases which are psychiatric, like Schizophrenia).

Note: Homeopathy does not produce any side effects what so ever!

Homeopathic treatment is best taken from a Qualified Homeopathic Doctor because people who medicate themselves on their own or take treatment from a person who isn't Qualified, can go into a state of 'Drug Proving', i.e. they start showing the symptoms that drug produces when taken in milligram doses (remember, Homeopathic remedies are not herbal, but sub-atomic, electromagnetic remedies), worse, they may become immune to treatment by other Qualified Doctors (including Allopaths/Conventional Doctors).

Homeopathy uses dilute sub-atomic particles which stimulate the natural healing processes of the body (to bring about a spontaneous remission of disease/s). Homeopathic remedies are electro-magnetic (dynamic) - their preparations involve shock succussion, whereby the atomic structure is disturbed. The rationale of Homeopathy is that, life is fundamentally a bio-electric phenomenon, with various groups of cells vibrating in sync with each other; disease is essentially a bio-electric disturbance (viruses/bacteria can attack an individual only if there is such a disturbance) - Homeopathic remedies act on the same plane as disease, bringing about a bio-electric stability (health). One may ask why such minute doses of medication are used - Homeopathy is not concerned with a physiological response, but in mainly stimulating the natural healing processes of the body, to bring about a remission of disease. I have been practising Homeopathy since 1998 & have cured all sorts of 'Incurable' diseases/conditions.


Homeopathy has cured a whole lot of conditions completely and permanently, without surgery, like:-


For proof/evidence that Homeopathy works, please visit 'www.cure4incurables.com/efficacy-studies.html'. 
Please also see (in .pdf format), "Homeopathy - The Scientific Proofs of Efficacy"

We also teach Meditation and use hypnotherapy where required.

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